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Avg is listed as one of the best antivirus companies on the market. There are many antivirus products that can help users keep their systems secure, but Avg offers products that are unique and very easy to use. They also provide complete solutions to the problems faced by users. Sometimes, users of antivirus software may experience some kind of error, such as Avg error code 42125. This is a serious error that directly affects the functionality of Avg antivirus software in the system. If you want immediate support by techies, don’t hesitate to contact AVG Antivirus Support Number +1-844-762-1276.

What is Avg Error Code 42125: When you download AVG antivirus from, it may sometimes not be fully downloaded due to zip corruption. When the Zipcode saves cannot be read on your system and Google Earth network data and Zip Code can be said to be corrupted, it is called the avg error code 42125.

Steps to Resolve AVG Antivirus Error 42125

Disable system restore

  • Go to Start and right-click My Computer.
  • Click the property and then click System Restore now.
  • Check the “Close System Restore” checkbox Click OK, and then press yes It will display a prompt until the system restore is turned off

If you still can’t fix the AVG error code 42125, try the next method later.

Restart the system

  • Open Settings from the right side of the calculator screen
  • Click to change the PC settings. Click to change the PC settings.
  • Click To restore See the option named “Delete everything and reinstall Windows” to look for the Start button below it, and then click it.
  • Follow the instructions and reboot the system.

Follow the next method once your reboot system

Enable system restore again

  • Click the Start button and right-click My Computer.
  • Click on the properties and system restore
  • Click to clear the Close System Restore check box, and
  • Then click OK. Clear your temporary binder

Clear your temporary binder

  • User accounts such as temp, IE temp, java, FF, Opera, Chrome, Safari •• Administrator • Local Service, Network Service, and other accounts

Therefore, these are steps that can be used to resolve the Avg error code 42125 problems. All of these steps are unique and provide a complete solution to the user’s problem. Similarly, if you experience other problems with Avg antivirus software, or need to fix Avg error code 42125, you contact to AVG Antivirus Customer support team to resolve your query instantly.

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